“A very structured and enlightening hands on course for those who wish to improve the performance of their organization by practicing a sound framework for KPI measurement. Highly recommended for Professionals who are truly interested in designing a robust Performance Management System in any Industry and Sector.”

Commercial Finance Director-PMO / Folli Follie Group, Greece

“A value adding course for Strategic HR Departments as well! For professionals and executives who want to be involved to the design of efficient and effective Performance Management systems”.

HR Business Partner Public Sector BU & Enterprise Solutions BU - Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Kenya / Intrasoft International, Greece

“It has been my pleasure to attend the Certified KPI Professional course. It has reshaped my HR strategic approach and narrowed the focus on some data-informed KPIs which helped me to get to organize my work straight away. What has become clear, as I digested the talks, workshops, presentations is that in order to get the people making the difference and creating the real value within a business, you need a “persuasive”, coherent and solid performance management system. This course helped me link the HR strategy with key performance indicators in a constructive way and directed the attention, the energy and resources towards the objectives to be fulfilled.”

Strategy and Policy Department of the HR Division / Alpha Bank, Greece

“A very well organized and easy to follow course that covered all the important topics in the area of KPIs, recommended for all those who wish to improve their performance management skills.”

Data Analyst / The American College of Greece

“I really enjoyed the KPI training course. The material was well structured and provided many practical examples that I can immediately put into use in the organization I work. Moreover the discussions with the other participants were very interesting and I learned a lot from their experience and insights. I would recommend this course to anyone working in, or interested in the Performance Management practice”

Rewards & Analytics Specialist / PWC, Greece

“I participated in the 3 day KPI seminar and I can easily express a very positive opinion. As a CFO and as an analyst, I have used KPIs for several years in order to conclude to safe business results through my data. Despite the fact that I am familiar with KPIs, after the seminar I obtained knowledge in both identifying the appropriate KPIs and communicating them with other departments. Moreover, I understood that documenting KPIs methodology is a very crucial fact for penetrating them to the business procedures. Finally I saw several examples which were necessary for exploiting efficiency and performance for several metrics.”

Ex Nobacco, CFO and Senior Analyst in Eurobank

“The C-KPI Professional course was sophisticated, practical and essential for every professional contributing to performance management at any organizational level. My role is to create programs and tools that help organizations to build a high performance culture. The course included great insights and tools that, among others, helped me understand how I can overcome everyday challenges related to objectives and KPIs’ selection, target setting, monitoring and improvement. A definite asset for every professional who embraces that managing performance starts with direction and effective planning.”

Group Performance & Reward Manager / Printec Group

The training course is a very informative and eye-opening course; which gave me the opportunity to reflect & plan; and access to examples and good practices.

Overall it has very well described the importance of implementing a performance management system embracing the outcomes of the HR perspectives such as the clarification of job responsibilities, the improvement of communication between employees and managers and the need to align it with the organization’s core values, goals and strategy.

Moreover Sophia, as a trainer, is very knowledgeable, cut to the heart of the matter quickly and was able to tailor the whole day to our individual needs.

Group HR Generalist at Mellon Group of Companies


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